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 Personal Donations

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    Sponsor $250
    Grantor $500
    Benefactor $1,000

 Corporate Sponsorship

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We invite you to support the Dover Symphony Orchestra, not only with your gift of money, but also by attending concerts and encouraging your friends to do so, too.  We are deeply grateful to our dedicated supporters who have contributed in the past and welcome new patrons who will help us maintain Dover as a center for classical music.

As a non-profit organization, we feel a strong obligation to spend our income wisely.  Expenses of a community orchestra include: rental fees for rehearsal, storage and performance space; compensation of the Music Director; rental and purchase of music; advertising; printing of tickets, posters and concert programs and miscellaneous administrative expenses.  Many members of the DSO and friends in the community assist with these costs by in-kind donations or gifts of their time and talents.

The Delaware Division of the Arts provides an annual grant to the DSO.  As recipients of DDOA funds, we are able to obtain guidance on our operations and administration.  The Kent County Fund for the Arts is also a grantor to the Dover Symphony.  We are members of the Central Delaware Chamber of Commerce.  As members of ASCAP and BMI, we are able to perform nearly every piece of music in the public domain without additional royalty fees. 

The DSO's Mission Statement is: to provide live performances of classical and orchestral music, to further the musical arts generally and symphonic music particularly by the giving and sponsoring of orchestral performances and to provide educational and performing opportunities for the citizens of Delaware and neighboring communities relating to the musical arts, and particularly to encouragethe interest of young people in the musical arts and to do those things which are reasonably needed to effectuate the aforementioned purposes. 

We have provided affordable family entertainment to the Central Delaware area for over 40 years.  We have encouraged students to pursue further musical training and have provided an opportunity for adults to continue performing their chosen orchestral instrument with congenial fellow musicians.  With your assistance we will continue to do this for many years to come.  To print the form, mailing in your donation to the DSO, please select this link:

Or you can simply click the "DONATE" button at the bottom of the page while you're right on this page.  It's that easy to do and you will feel the satisfaction of assisting and becoming part of a wonderful organization.  For this, we thank you.